Virtual Declutter Coaching Session – 30 Minutes


I see you, friend. You’ve got questions about your clutter. I’m here with answers.

I help folks just like you navigate the big emotions that come with decluttering. And I’m curious: what’s keeping you from letting go? Is it…

  • attachment to memories?
  • anxiety about maybe needing it one day?
  • guilt?
  • grief?
  • shame?
  • the vision of the person you *could* be if you actually used the thing? (Yoga mat, I’m looking at you!)

If you’ve been hanging around my page for a while, then you probably already know: it’s not about the stuff – it’s about allllll those feely feels that are tied up in it. That’s the real shit that needs to be faced head-on, and ultimately let go.

The good news is that once you process those pesky underlying emotional blocks, it gets SO. MUCH. EASIER. to let go of the actual stuff.

And the other good news is that you don’t have to go it alone.

I’ll jam-pack our 30-minute virtual sessions with shame-free support and actionable advice for your individual clutter situation. We’ll uncover what’s really keeping you attached to your stuff (it might not be what you think!) and come up with realistic goals that you CAN achieve.

I’m SO excited to work with you!

Your clutter-free bestie,

NOTE: Once you purchase a session, I’ll reach out within a couple of business days to set up a time to chat!


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