Grateful As Fuck: 30-Day Challenge


Grateful is the new grumpy, amirite? And in my experience, practicing gratitude can increase the chances of staying clutter-free in the long run! This 33-page downloadable PDF will kick-start your practice with a daily writing prompt, designed to help you reflect on all the awesome shit in your life.

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a new study about gratitude. You know, the ones that say it’ll make you happier, healthier, less materialistic, less likely to burn out, yada yada yada. It’s kind of old news, eh? And yet, even with all those proven benefits, you might be struggling to stick to a regular practice – that’s why we created the Grateful as Fuck gratitude challenge.

Grateful as Fuck is a 30-day journal designed to help you flex your appreciation muscles. Yep, even if you’re a total noob! You’ll respond to one prompt per day, guiding you to notice all the awesome shit in your life… which, let’s be real, is usually hiding in plain sight.

Grateful as Fuck is perfect for you if:

  • you get to the end of your busy day and realize you were on autopilot the whole time
  • your home is cluttered with more than you need, but for some reason you keep buying more (oof, been there!)
  • you feel like a big ball of stress most of the time, and you need a way to calm your shit and slow down a bit
  • you want to appreciate the little things (but, you know, without a huge time commitment)

A real game-changer in the decluttering process, I recommend Grateful as Fuck for anyone trying to simplify their life or shop less.

The workbook includes:

  • a welcome letter from Sara, with actionable tips and tricks about getting the most out of the Challenge
  • a month’s worth of interactive, daily prompts that include a place to write (or type!) your responses
  • questions designed specifically for mindful reflection and personal growth, but that don’t take themselves too seriously 😉
Part journal, part self-development, this 33-page document is a spiffy digital download — and we’ll send the PDF link straight to your inbox! So whaddya say, are you ready to get yer optimism on?

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