Declutter Bingo (Kitchen Edition)


Have you hit a wall in your kitchen decluttering? And yep, the literal wall of tupperware in the cupboard counts.😂 If you need a little motivation, Declutter Bingo is a printable PDF that can help you track your progress in a fun (and, you know, slightly competitive😉) way.

Ever bought a kitchen gadget that promised to change your life – only to have it collect dust in a cupboard for years? (Lookin’ at you, spiralizer!😉)

BEEN THERE, my friend. Seriously. I used to be a sucker for infomercial kitchen crap, which of course I never used IRL.

Declutter Bingo takes the task of decluttering your kitchen and turns it into a game – one that you can play solo, teamed up with a partner, or even as a friendly competition against a pal.

Here’s how it works: We’ll send you a link to a downloadable PDF to the Declutter Bingo card. You can then save it, print it off, and colour in each circle as you declutter the items. Keep going until you’ve completed a line (or the whole page)!

Declutter Bingo (Kitchen Edition) is perfect for you if:

  • you want to simplify your cooking routine and spend less time asking “BuT wHeRe iS tHe MeAsUrInG sPoOn?!?!”
  • you crave a kitchen where you can find everything quickly and easily
  • you want things to stop falling on you as you dig through the cupboards, but you’re not sure where to start
  • you’ve already decluttered, but you could use a little kitchen “refresh” from time to time
  • you enjoy a little healthy competition (especially with yourself!) in a fun, self-led way

If decluttering feels tedious sometimes, this printable challenge is here to spice up your life. (Spice Girls reference totally intended.😅) So whatcha waiting for – it’s time to get yer Bingo on!

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