Declutter Bingo (Create Your Own)


Stuck in a decluttering rut? Need a little motivation boost? Declutter Bingo is a printable PDF that can help you track your progress in a fun (and, you know, slightly competitive😉) way.

Tell me, friend – do any of these sound like you? (Be honest…)

  • You want to declutter, but the thought of it is just TOTALLY overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, so you just… don’t.
  • You tend to start off strong, and then lose steam along the way if you don’t have any external accountability.
  • You find decluttering kind of boring, TBH. Like, the end result is great (who doesn’t want more space and less to clean?!) but getting there is pretty monotonous.

Declutter Bingo takes the task of decluttering and turns it into a game – one that you can play solo, teamed up with a partner, or even as a friendly competition against a pal.

Here’s how it works: Print off one bingo card per room or per category, and fill in each circle with a subcategory of items. So let’s say you’re decluttering your books – in each circle, you can put things like cookbooks, magazines, coffee table books, historical fiction, biographies… you get the idea. And then colour in each subcategory as you progress, until you’ve completed a line (or the whole page)!

Declutter Bingo (Create Your Own) is perfect for you if:

  • You have BIG declutter goals, but you struggle with motivation and accountability.
  • You want a cleaner, calmer home with less shit cluttering it up.
  • You’ve already decluttered, but you could use a little “refresh” from time to time
  • You’re craving a way to make the process… dare I say it… fun?

If decluttering feels tedious sometimes, this printable challenge is here to spice up your life. (Spice Girls reference totally intended.😅) So whatcha waiting for – it’s time to get yer Bingo on!

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